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Vaccon’s VPIA Series of inline venturi vacuum pumps feature a fast acting, quick release for pick & place applications.  Ideal for handling round, oval, delicate or fragile objects, VPIA pumps go from vacuum to atmosphere with an instant release - not a slow bleed - for faster operations.  

With an integral fitting and the proper cup selection, the VPIA Series pumps transform manual labor processes into automated assembly, yielding higher productivity and improved quality.  

The VPIA vacuum pumps are manufactured from FDA approved white Delrin®  and safe for food processing, medical and pharmaceutical applications.  VPIA pumps operate at 45 PSI.

Please contact our technical sales team at or 508-359-7200 for CAD drawings of this product.

Ideal Applications

  • Pick & Place of small lightweight objects
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Optical
  • Semiconductor
  • Vacuum Holding
  • Transfer Operations
  • Curved Surfaces
  • Beverage - Bottle Handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Medical

Ideal Applications

  • All pneumatic - no electricity required
  • FDAapproved Delrin®
  • Quick release without hard blow-off
  • Safe handling of delcate  & fragile objects
  • Integrated vacuum fitting
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Efficient - minimal air consumption
  • Powerful vacuum up to 25"Hg [846mbar]
  • Low operating pressure - 45 PSI [3.0 bar]
Performance Level Designations:

H” 0-25”Hg, [0 to 846mbar] for high vacuum/standard flow applications
For complete Performance Data – Equivalent to a VP10-60H. See Venturi Mid Series Performance Data
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VPIA-60H-DEL N/A 45 (std.) psi N/A 10-32 Female Thread N/A 2.70 in N/A 1.13 in N/A 1.13 in N/A 0.085 lb $160.75 Add To Cart
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