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** To configure and order a VMBV Mid Series Segmented Vacuum Manifold, please contact your Local Distributor or Vaccon Technical Support. For 3D CAD drawings of this product please contact Vaccon Technical Support

The VMBV Mid Series Segmented Vacuum Manifolds are individual vacuum pump segments with a common air supply that provides independent vacuum to multiple locations.
Segments can be individually configured or they can all be the same. All segments offer integral NC solenoid control for vacuum creation. For added functionality, specify a valve for blow-off and a vacuum switch/sensor for part present/vacuum achieved feedback.
Design flexibility is further increased with our interchangeable venturi cartridge system that allows designers to optimize performance by choosing from 11 venturi cartridges.
Large internal flow paths allow ingested debris to pass through the segments without clogging. Push-to-connect air supply and vacuum lines save space and assembly time.

Ideal Applications:
  • Precise control – control both the vacuum and the blow-off duration time
  • Fast response – no delay due to long plumbing lines; installs close to vacuum point
  • Instantaneous vacuum as needed – minimal air consumption
  • High productivity – cycle rates up to 2700/min
  • Reliable – operates trouble-free:
    • No moving parts to wear or clog
    • No flap valves to stick open
    • No maintenance
    • No downtime
    • No filters required
Features / Benefits:
  • Pick and place
  • Robotic assembly
  • Material handling

Performance Level Designation

"L" 0-10" Hg [0 to 339mbar] for low vacuum / high flow applications
"M" 0-20" Hg [0 to 677mbar] for medium vacuum / high flow applications
"H" 0-28" Hg [0 to 948mbar] for high vacuum / standard flow applications

Segmented Manifold Options:

  • Interchangeable venturi cartridges – 11 different performance levels
  • On board integral control valves – 24 VDC
  • Miniature sensors or switches with quick disconnect for reliable part detection
  • Choice of operating pressures to meet machine and factory air supply 80 PSI [5.5 bar] standard,
    60 PSI [4.1 bar] optional