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Vacuum Pencil and Vacuum Pencil Kit uses the JS-40UM ultra-miniature venturi vacuum pump as the vacuum source and includes a vacuum pencil and a variety of interchangeable ultra-miniatture cups and vacuum probes (angled and straight).

By simply changing the vacuum cup and probe, Vaccon’s Vacuum Pencil can easily adapts to handling different objects. The vacuum pencil kit is compact, lightweight and easy to assemble (no tools required) - ideal for bench top work.

Ideal applications include electronics, glass handling, high temperature, medical, and miniature assembly operations- simply change cups or probes for different applications.

Vacuum Pencil Kit includes:

  • 4 straight probes, 4 angled probes
  • 7 Ultra-mini cups – variety of materials and sizes (anti-static for handling electronics, silicone for high temperatures)
  • 1 VH3020-8 vacuum pencil
  • 1 JS-40UM vacuum pump w/inlet, exhaust and vacuum fittings – generates up to 27”Hg [914.3mbar]
  • Coiled polyurethane vacuum tubing

Vaccon probes attach directly to Vaccon’s vacuum pencil and ultra-miniature cups for simple, manual placement of small parts.

Standard Probe:

  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Straight or angled
  • Push on/slip fit connection with ultra-mini cups and pencils
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VH-3020-8 N/A Vacuum Pencil N/A 5.87 in N/A 0.50 in N/A 0.50 in N/A 0.04 lb $88.50 N/A CAD Icon (for items table) Add To Cart
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VH-8-KIT N/A Vacuum Pencil and Ultra Miniature Cup Kit N/A 12.00 in N/A 8.00 in N/A 2.50 in N/A 1.00 lb $250.75 N/A Add To Cart
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